Network Security

Today, one organization's environment is significantly more complex and you must be aware of the fast pace of evolving threats at every possible point of entry. 
BISS is dedicated to support you deploying and managing network security by staying abreast of new technology, understand which improvements are right for your infrastructure, and separate real threats from the security noise, by addressing network security technologies as:
      Firewall/UTM/NGFW  |  IDS/IPS/NGIPS  |  DDoS Mittigation  |  APT Defense
Firewalls, next generation firewalls (NGFW), and unified threat management (UTM) solutions provide varying degrees of network defense, when mappped to different infrastuctures and networks,
Chosing the appropriate technology/solution/product can be extremely difficult when you layer in the additional complexities of compliance, mandates, new services, performance optimizations and the requirement to rapidly solve problems.
To be able to chose the appropriate one, specialized knowledge and expertise are necessary to understand which one can best protect your enterprise and help you cover, within your budget, the specific risks your infrastructure and business are exposed to.
BISS brings such knowledge and expertise gathered through 15 years of testing, learning, understanding, deploying, supporting and maintaining such technologies developed by technology leaders that we partnered with along the years.
Continuous exposure to threats that can easily penetrate traditional perimeter defenses is driving organizations to expand their layered security arsenal to include intrusion prevention (IPS) and intrusion detection (IDS) systems.
BISS got involved into IDS from it's inception, as we started by being a direct partner for Internet Security Systems (later aquired by IBM). We followed this technology from the first IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) sensors through the crucial shift for preemptive security, the IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems)and currently to the NGIPS (Next Generation IPS).
Intrusion Prevention Systems are designed to stop constantly evolving threats before they impact your business. They include a series of pattented technologies such as firewalling, packet reassembly, signature pattern recognition, sandboxing/emulation, application control etc. to be able to identify and block known and unknown threats through virtual patching and integration.
NGIPS introduces new levels of security from advanced threats, enhanced network visibility and granular control across applications, users and groups.
BISS expertise covers the IPS techonology deployment throughout the whole infrastructure, from gateway, to servers and virtual environments. We are able to integrate and tune both, Network IPS as well as Host IPS (together with it's virtual environment version) solutions.
DDoS Mittigation
DDoS attacks have evolved to be larger, stealthier, more sophisticated and more targeted than ever. Modern attackers are now combining traditional volumetric attacks designed to overwhelm network bandwidth with stealthy application-layer attacks designed to slowly exhaust network resources over time.
A blended approach to DDoS is growing in popularity because it is highly effective and difficult to defend. To combat today’s full spectrum of DDoS attacks, you need a hybrid solution that integrates cloud-based mitigation and on-premise protection.
Mitigating DDoS attacks and their effects is essential to protecting your organization’s reputation and brand.
BISS is partnering with the industry's leaders and pioneers to be able to integrate the most appropriate DDoS solution or service, to enable our customers' and partners' defense through mittigation and final resolution.
APT Defense
With the rise of advanced threats, increasing proliferation of malicious code and new packing techniques, and a torrent of vulnerabilities to plug, malware is getting harder to detect and defend against. Organizations are seeking more advanced solutions to move their malware defense programs beyond analysis to full protection and resolution.
Taking onto consideration technologies as sand-boxing and malware analysis to complement existing protection solutions, revealing suspicious behavior patterns and generating alerts that matter, BISS is able to design, deploy, maintain and support tailored solutions to build an effective defense.

About technologies

Organizations today need to focus on proactive and pre-emptive security need a comprehensive, up-to-date view of their security and  compliance postures, threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents.
Managing security and profiling your attackers, as well as preparing for the breach is a challenge to any Internet facing organization today.
The best way to defend your organization is by implementing comprehensive security policies and controls with the appropriate technology.
BISS can help you keep pace with the ever-changing information security landscape. We understand the threats, have deep security skills and use a proven methodology.
BISS is dedicated to support you deploying and managing network security by staying abreast of new technology, understand which improvements are right for your infrastructure, and separate real threats from the security noise.


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