Technical Support /MSS

BISS provides contract based technical support to all customers and partners.

Through its technical support contracts, BISS helps you optimize your investment by ensuring that your deployment operates efficiently and that your network security team benefits from the most up-to-date information and security knowledge.

Our experts provide on-site, remote, e-mail and phone help with installing, configuring and upgrading security solutions and resolving any technical issues.

Our Technical Support is managed with disciplined escalation support tiers, an internal SLA and strict escalation measures to ensure we meet our customer Service Level commitment through either  one of our  service levels.

BISS Technical Support is delivered through three levels:

  1. BISS Basic Support
  2. BISS Advanced Support
  3. BISS Extended Support

Each Technical Support package ensures you get the most out of your investment and that you remain protected against increasingly complex and evolving threats.


About services

BISS provides a comprehensive range of information security services centered around assessment & assurance, strategy & architecture, through to deployment & ongoing management.

Our services have been specifically designed to assist organizations identify and evaluate IT security risks (through security reviews, assessments, security audits, and penetration tests) and to design and implement security solutions which mitigate any exposures through strategic security consulting, policy, and technology initiatives.

Our service offering has been designed to meet your specific needs, provide you with the most effective support in the industry and to help you get the most from your IT Security systems.

Uniquely we have the skills and expertise to both carry out the highly technical work of protecting the enterprise from attacks from without, and within, as well as the senior business levels skills of communication so all stakeholders will understand what is being done and why.


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Other informations

When we opened our doors in 2001, information technology had just shaken off its image of being many singular applications working together and was beginning to run the entire enterprise. In addition, the Internet and web access were emerging technologies that required connectivity into core business systems.

The IT world changed from being a closed fortress with strong controls and limitations to external access, to an open internet-enabled world. Threats are evolving rapidly.

These risks are moving away from daily alert items for IT support staff, and on to the boardroom table as a vital activity in protecting the firm's value, profits and business growth agendas.